Banjo For Beginners

The ultimate guide to banjo for beginners.

What You Need to Play the Banjo

There are a lot of banjo items out there, but honestly you don’t need a lot of them. This for example. However, there are a lot of items that are useful. Here’s a list with a quick description of all of them.

Banjo: You want a banjo. I’ll put out an article on everything to look for when buying a banjo soon. For now, here are some quick things to look for. Also review this article on banjo anatomy.

Strings: Banjo strings are fairly cheap, and its important to change them every once in a while. Find a brand you like, and feel free to mess around with different companies. I would recommend changing strings every 1-4 months. You can buy banjo strings here.

Picks: Picks are also fairly cheap and easily available at your instrument store or on Amazon.

Straps: It can be useful if you plan to stand and play. Also allows for proper form, so that your left hand isn’t supporting weight. There are a lot of different straps to chose from!

Tuner: Unless you have perfect pitch, you will want one of these. I use an app on my phone, but a dedicated tuner works slightly better.

Metronome: These can be helpful if you find yourself having trouble with timing. Check out this article on timing.

Case: Some stores will provide a soft case, which is great for walking around. If you plan on traveling, its probably a good idea to get a hard case. It adds some more protection and also does better if you have a humidifier.

Humidifier: This isn’t really necessary, but if you have a higher end instrument or live in an area that has high humidity shifts (think dry winter to a wet summer) than this might be a good investment. I have this one, and I love it.

Any things you think I missed? Any other questions? Feel free to comment.

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